Our Company

We're building a bank, together

By solving your problems, treating you fairly and being totally transparent, we believe we can make banking better.

We believe in an alternative to the banking of the past

We're focused on solving problems, rather than selling financial products. We want to make the world a better place and change people's lives through Swift.Wales.

We’re building Swift.Wales together

We're doing things differently. For too long, banking has been obtuse, complex and opaque.

We want to change that and build a bank with everyone, for everyone. Our amazing community suggest features, test the app and give us constant feedback so we can build something everyone loves.

Our way with words

How we communicate changes how people feel about us, so we’d better make sure our words reflect what we stand for. Our tone of voice guidelines exist to do just that.

We’re a fast-growing team based in Wales (Cardiff)


What our users say


Zachary Glover

Start-up founder

Great customer service and very kind even if I was asking questions they probably heard a billion times :)


Molly Thornton

Market analyst

Easy to use, cool design, modern approach and good costumer support :) love it. bunq is very fast, everything is done in the app, you have the account set up and ready in minutes, that's what I always wanted from a bank! Also, the rounding savings functionality is really cool!


Kayleigh Carpenter


As a Digital Nomad, I travel the world, but plastic credit cards break quickly, with the Swift.Wales Metal Card I know that it will last for years and is accepted worldwide!


Henry Day

Web developer

One of the best accounts on the market. swift wales provides a great product. Easy to use app. Great flexible limits on your debit / credit card. You can grow trees - while spending. Instant Sepa is supported. The customer service is awesome, friendly and professional.